Banding Together 15 - 17th June, 2018

- Andrew Stevens, Colin Sleath, Peter,    Rowlstone, Julia Dean, Paul Barrett

- John Wild, Ann Oliver, Nick Oliver, Liz Ellison, Zaria Fraser

- Peny Mackreth, Trish Nicklen, Tracy Tye, Liz Millward

- Julie Collett, Jackie Setter, Lynette Millward, Sue Walsh, Adrian Waters

-Rogetr Cambell, Graeme Heffernan, Claire Wren, Sally Barrett, Esther Venn, Rosemary Kavanagh, Colin Touchin, Jan Usher, Sally George, Martin Williams

Conductor : Colin Touchin

Colin Touchin, born in Liverpool, educated in Manchester and later at Keble College Oxford, is a conductor and composer, clarinettist and recorder-player, festival adjudicator and broadcaster. A Google search will present you with an impressive list of Colin's musical qualifications, his music, his initiatives and achievements but it is on account of a more personal connection that J25 was prompted to invite Colin Touchin to lead the 2018 Banding Together weekend.

J25 met Colin at its very first music festival entry in 2013.  Colin was adjudicating. Colin recollects : "I was mightily impressed by their unity, enthusiasm and range of colourful music and tone-colour ... they were worthy recipients of the Adjudicator's Cup even though this was their first-ever entry to a music festival.  Now of course, there is no stopping them ..." Indeed not.  The Band has entered each year since then, using the festival to raise its game.

J25 is the force behind Banding Together.  The standard reached by the event has risen each year in line with how J25's expertise has developed from that first festival experience.  J25 is delighted to announce Colin Touchin as guest conductor for Banding Together in 2018.

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