Banding Together 17-19th June 2016

Standing :  Beryl Whitehead, Maggie Marks, Rosemary Gadd, Andrew Stevens, Rosemary Kavanagh, Julia Dean, Esther Venn, Penny Mackreth, Adrian Harvey, Colin Sleath, Graeme Heffernan, Pat Lynch, Christine Bagnall, Roger Campbell, Jan Usher, Sally George, Zaria Fraser, Adrian Waters,  Ann Oliver, Liz Milward, Ollie Waters, Nick Oliver, Bob Minting, Carol Oakley, Liz Ellison

Kneeling : Sally Barrett, Sue Walsh, Claire Wren, John Williams

Conductor : Adrian Harvey

Musical Director of Sidmouth Town Band (place 5th in the national Championships, 2016)








Repertoire Notes from Claire:

Clog Dance

I think Banding Together will need to carry a health warning this year. Once you have been exposed to “Clog Dance” you will have trouble getting rid of it! Clog Dance is included in this year’s repertoire at the suggestion of Adrian Harvey, our guest conductor. It was featured in the film "Brassed Off" and played in the film by Grimethorpe Colliery Band. I have spent time with the

score, adapting it from brass band to be concertina friendly. It is a super piece. The You Tube link below will give you a taste of it – but please exercise caution! (we won't take it quite so fast ... I hope).

Strauss March

I love to work on BIG music for Banding Together. To adapt orchestral music for concertina band you have to study it in depth first to understand how it all works, who is playing what, where the clever bits are. Only when you have an intimate relationship with every note can you understand how to make it work for concertina band. It is with great excitement I present “Russischer Marsch” by Johann Strauss to Banding Together 2016. You will recognise it, I’m sure.

Singing in the Rain

I have such a wonderful time finding music for concertina band. Other people find me music too and I am often drowning in music to work on. Pete Pascoe brought this to J25 and we fell in love with it. It’s a lovely arrangement of that absolute classic – Singing in the Rain! What’s not to like!

El Paso

As with Barnard Castle, I was introduced to El Paso when I played 2nd Horn in the Wiveliscombe Town Band as it was standard in its repertoire. As a second horn player you are essentially a “filler” and mostly get umpteen bars of an off-beat G but … low and behold ALL the horns got the lovely tune in the trio which made it my favourite piece ... after Barnard Castle, which is still my favourite (   That’s not the only reason of course. It's also such fun to play – I love the Latin rhythm. I’ve struggled finding anything much on You Tube – just these two, not brilliant but gives you an idea (our horns were definitely better).  1-        2-

Pleheim Plage Summer 1996

Imagine you are sitting on a beautiful Brittany beach on a glorious day. It is blissful. Most people take photos to remind them of special moments but me … well I find myself thinking “… Hmm - How do I write this?” I recall watching the tiny waves as they explored the sand. I listened intently to the sound they made as they came and went. I tried to hear the music on the air. I took out a notebook (yes, really … even on the beach). Initially, I drew lines and cur...ves as the water came and went, following the pattern they made as if taking dictation. Beams of sparkling semi-quavers began to tuck themselves into the upward shapes; sunny quavers and crotchets coming down. Pitches attached themselves to the patterns indicating the key and so the opening theme became apparent.

Although there is no specific French café depicted in the centre section, there were various places where French music was played. Again it was a question of listening to “hear” that typical café music and tie it up with the weather and the setting. After sitting outside the café with coffee it was then back to the beach.

I hope you will enjoy your short visit to Brittany through this music and it will leave you feeling suitably refreshed. Although this has been
played a few times I have no recording of it. Banding Together will, a very eventful 20 years after the event, provide one!