Banding Together 13-15th June 2014

From left to right

Standing : Nick Oliver, Sally George, Mike Lynch, Zaria Fraser, Ann Oliver, Liz Ellison, Graham Heffernan, Jan Usher, Esther Venn, Roger Campbell, Rosemary Gadd, Colin Seath, Bob Spiller, Pete Pascoe, Penny Mackreth, Rosemary Kavanagh, Andrew Stevens, Claire Wren

Seated : Liz Millward, Maggie Marks, John Wild, Christine Bagnall, Pat Lynch, Sally Barrett, Trish Evans

Conductor:  Bob Spiller

Trumpet teacher from Yeovil and experienced conductor of all sizes of brass ensemble


English Folk Song Suite by Vaughan Williams, arranged for concertina band by Claire Wren

Fascinating Rhythm, by George Gershwin, arranged by Philip Evry

The Langley March, composed by Claire Wren

The Ringwood Tree, composed by Claire Wren

Spa-nopédie, a Gymnopédie composed by Claire Wren

“My lovely daughters, Ali and Em, took me to the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath for my 60th Birthday treat. What an amazing feeling, suspended in that gloriously warm mineral water being wafted around by the "lazy river". I had to write a piece of music to celebrate it. When I had finished it, I decided it was in the style of a Gymnopédie but I called it SPA-NOPÉDIE instead as it was so much more relaxing than a Gym! Listen out for the birthday surprise. I am grateful to Charlotte Hanna at Thermae Spa for granting permission to make this video public and to photographer Matt Cardy for his permission to use his lovely photos. Photos of the band playing the music were taken by Banding Together's photographer Brian Marks, many thanks to him too.”   YouTube