Banding Together 14-16th June 2013

From Left to Right :

5th row : Ron Marks, Roger Campbell, Pete Pascoe

4rd row : Andrew Stevens, Colin Seath, Graham Heffernan, Jan Usher, Liz Ellison

3nd row : Esther Venn, Zaria Fraser, Julia Dean, Ann Oliver, Nick Oliver, Maureen Emms, Christian Emms

2nd row : Trish Nicklen, Pat Lynch, Penny Mackreth, John Wild

1st row : Sally Barrett, Sally George, Claire Wren, Martin Wills, Liz Millward, Lynette Millward

Conductor:  Martin Wills

Martin started to learn the cornet at 15, when he joined the Army as a Junior Bandsman, and later studied the bassoon at the famous Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall).

In 1980 Martin returned to Kneller Hall to complete the Bandmasters Course that included learning how to play all the instruments of
the military band!

This expertise is now well used - in addition to being Musical Director of Taunton Concert Band, Martin is employed as a Full Time
Tutor with the Somerset Music Service and is Co-Manager of the Somerset County Youth Orchestra.


Jamie’s Patrol by Sidney Dacre:  A popular brass band piece depicting a Scottish band approaching in the distance, arriving, and then passing through and away, playing a medley of traditional Scottish tunes. Youtube

The boat on the clear sea, composed for concertina band by Claire Wren.  “I am often inspired to write a piece of music as a result of visiting a particular place. "The Boat on the Clear Sea" describes the awesome view from the clifftop across the bay at Sidmouth in Devon one August. The sea was as calm as a mill-pond, the sky the bluest of blue. Suddenly, a little boat chugged slowly across the bay. I watched as it approached and then disappear into the distance. I hope you can feel the calm and heat of the day, see the blue of the sea and sky and hear the boat as it travels across the bay.“ Claire Wren. Youtube

Barnard Castle
: A typical brass band piece, arranged for concertina band, with permission, by Claire Wren. Youtube

My Grandfather’s Clock, trad, arranged by Claire Wren.  A fun piece, featuring Claire Wren and Pete Pascoe on Tenor Horn with concertina backing.

Overture to the Mikado by Arthur Sullivan, arranged for concertina band by Claire Wren.

The Search, composed by Claire Wren. “I am often inspired to write a piece of music in response to a personal experience. "The Search" describes a time when my life had got pretty frantic for a while, a time when there seemed to be no let-up to the pace. The 7/8 time signature and repeated pedal-like quavers in the bass helps to communicate this; a constant driving forward. The appearances of a couple of bars in 3/4 time represent moments of choice, the forks in the road, hardly any time to think. In the final moments of the piece the parts layer one on another, all taken over by the repeating quavers until finally - destination acquired. Stop!“ Claire Wren. Youtube